By Ken Deutsch

Ken R LLC CD Description: "This was the first CD demo and it contains: Kick Butt Country, Supercharger, CJ-1, Tingles, Satellite Superdeal, Direction Connection, Retrofit, Music Match, Fun Point, WDOK Soft Favorites, Tropical Moon FM, Yes FM 95, 70's Saturday Night, and PAMS for the 90s Part I."

These demos are presented for historic purposes only. Ken R is no longer in the jingle business.

IDCD-1 Track 01 Kick Butt Country
IDCD-1 Track 02 Supercharger
IDCD-1 Track 03 CJ-1
IDCD-1 Track 04 Tingles
IDCD-1 Track 05 Satellite Superdeal
IDCD-1 Track 06 Direction Connection
IDCD-1 Track 07 Retrofit
IDCD-1 Track 08 Music Match
IDCD-1 Track 09 Fun Point
IDCD-1 Track 10 WDOK Soft Favorites
IDCD-1 Track 11 Tropical Moon FM
IDCD-1 Track 12 Yes FM 95
IDCD-1 Track 13 70's Saturday Night
IDCD-1 Track 14 Pro-Pak I Demo
IDCD-1 Track 15 PAMS for the 90s Part I

Zip file of IDCD-1 Tracks

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2013 Ken Deutsch

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