By Ken Deutsch

Ken R LLC CD Description: "This one has pictures of myself, the singers and our office people on the back and the following packages on the CD: PAMS for the 90s Part II, Good Times Great Oldies, Big Impression, Lunatic Fringe I, Morning Madness, Incredible Mix, Light Source, Power Surge, Soft Rock Signatures, Totally Kickin', Fire Power, Satellite Country, MetroPulse III, People Power, Now, That's Good Music, Sho-Time, Urban Vibrations."

These demos are presented for historic purposes only. Ken R is no longer in the jingle business.

IDCD-2 Track 01 PAMS for the 90s Part II
IDCD-2 Track 02 Good Times Great Oldies
IDCD-2 Track 03 Big Impression
IDCD-2 Track 04 Pro Pak II
IDCD-2 Track 05 Lunatic Fringe I
IDCD-2 Track 06 Morning Madness
IDCD-2 Track 07 Incredible Mix
IDCD-2 Track 08 Light Source
IDCD-2 Track 09 Power Surge
IDCD-2 Track 10 Soft Rock Signatures
IDCD-2 Track 11 Totally Kickin'
IDCD-2 Track 12 Fire Power
IDCD-2 Track 13 Satellite Country
IDCD-2 Track 14 MetroPulse III
IDCD-2 Track 15 People Power
IDCD-2 Track 16 Now, That's Good Music
IDCD-2 Track 17 Sho-Time
IDCD-2 Track 18 Urban Vibrations

Zip file of IDCD-2 Tracks

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