A 70s PAMS Sampler by Ken Deutsch

Ken says: "'Apogee' is defined as 'the highest or most distant point; a climax.'

"This certainly describes the PAMS vocal sound between approximately 1970-1973 when Jackie Dickson (now Jackie Merriman) was singing lead, Jim Clancy was singing bass, and others in the group included at various times Marv Shaw, Libba Weeks, Dan Alexander, Billy Ainsworth, Charlie Thompson, Frank Bloebaum, and Chris Kershaw.

"PAMS was probably the first to standardize the seven-voice configuration. Combine the talented PAMS singers with writer/arranger Bob Piper's imagination and the early 70s was a time of magic. More recently JAM and TM (in its multiple incarnations) have used the seven-voice group well, but PAMS started it and perfected the sound. There were giants then and this sampler reflects that era."

All music copyright PAMS Productions. Montage and artwork by Ken Deutsch.

01 The same thing
02 Comparison shopping
03 Ooh times 7
04 Slow dance
05 Suspended from the ceiling
06 Doin' our thing
07 Stereo finale

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2014 Ken Deutsch

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