By Ken Deutsch

Original Ken R LLC Description: "When we released 'The Big One' sampler we were overwhelmed with orders and compliments. Apparently you all like to hear more variety of jingles, lots of different series, and stuff you have NEVER heard before. Well, we've done it again! Another hour-long sampler divided into sections such as 60s medley, 70s medley, etc. We even have a section of Christmas jingles! It's over an hour in all divided up into convenient segments."

The Big Two Track 01  60s Medley 1
The Big Two Track 02  60s Medley 2
The Big Two Track 03  70s Medley
The Big Two Track 04  Studio C Singers
The Big Two Track 05  Stereeoeoeo
The Big Two Track 06  Christmas Medley

Zip file of All Big Two Sampler Tracks

Full-Sized CD Cover Graphic
2013 Ken Deutsch

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