By Ken Deutsch

Chuck Blore produced jingles for many big stations, but he was technically more of a radio consultant than a jingle producer. In the course of his work with radio stations he designed jingle packages that would suit the formats he helped create. Probably his first big success was "Color Radio" for KFWB(AM), Los Angeles in the late 50s. He knew that TV was a competitor to radio, and TV was rapidly converting to color broadcasting. He also knew that TV had "channels," so he called KFWB "Channel 98" to reflect its dial position (980 kilocycles). Make no mistake, these were very long jingles by today’s standards, sometimes as long as a minute in length. The lyrics were complex, singing about the personalities, the types of music played and the city in which the station was located.

In the next few years he worked with many major-market radio properties. An interesting experiment of his was KIIS(AM) in Los Angeles around 1970. His format, soft rock, was too far ahead of its time to succeed, but it was responsible for several unique jingle packages from PAMS. Later those call letters moved to FM to much greater success as a rocker.

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