A PAMS Sampler by Ken Deutsch

Ken says: "This is yet another all-PAMS sampler based on material from 1960-1976. Even though some of these jingles were created 55 years ago, I'm still amazed at the versatility, the creativity and the talent that went into every cut. It's my hope that you enjoy them, and of course, visit www.PAMS.com for more information on this historic jingle production house."

All music copyright PAMS Productions. Montage and artwork by Ken Deutsch.

01 60s montage 1: Big polished sound, learning to play "Memphis"
02 60s montage 2: Yah sure, beavers
03 What Now My Love?s
04 60s montage 3: Great trumpet player, look at our bottom
05 Series 18 short montage
06 Religiosity
07 60s acapellas
08 WXYZ montage
09 Failure to Launch
10 Country Montage
11 70s montage 1: Vaseline, Chuck Roast
12 70s montage 2: Charge, doo-wah
13 70s montage 3: Claude's Opera, tempting tools
14 Contest Time!
15 Track in the Clear!
16 Ending

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2015 Ken Deutsch

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