By Ken Deutsch

Bill Meeks

Bill Meeks was president of PAMS from its inception in 1951 until the end of its original existence in 1978. But even after PAMS closed, Meeks continued to produce jingles for radio and TV under various corporate names including (illegally) "PAMS."

Below are links to some of his radio ID packages including what he called (for a while anyway), Series 50 (a.k.a. "Upper Mods"). (The original incarnation of PAMS had series numbered up through 49.) You'll hear the test mixes for this package, and then the final demo with more jingles. It is not known if any of the stations in these packages actually ran these jingles on the air.

Bill Meeks Upper Mods (Series 50) Audition

Bill Meeks Upper Mods (Series 50) Final Demo

Then for a rather strange package, Meeks brought in a mostly-new group of singers, to a new studio, to sing some of his illegally obtained PAMS series tracks for a Golden West station in Detroit, WTWR (formerly WCAR-FM).

Bill Meeks WTWR PAMS Resings

"Boss of the Beach" was another post-PAMS jingle series written and produced by Bill Meeks, using an all-male vocal group that included former PAMS singer Dan Alexander. Meeks used a Synclavier, an early digital synthesizer. You can read more about this unusual instrument here: .

Bill Meeks Boss of the Beach Jingles

This KMPC package was created at the height of the disco craze and featured vocalists Trella Hart and Johnny Hooper, along with a small group. Trella had sung for PAMS, TM, Showcase, Pepper, Gwinsound and many other Dallas companies. Johnny Hooper was at this point in the early stages of his jingle career, but he would go on to be one of the top session vocalists and guitar players in Dallas for the next 30 years.

Bill Meeks KMPC Demo


Bill Meeks Someone To Turn To Demo

Bill Meeks We're Gonna Get You Demo

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