By Norman Barrington

Ken says: "Here are some mini-samplers put together by Norman Barrington, a jingle collector in Scotland. You can check out sometime if you like! These were promos for some of the jingle CDs I used to sell. (I no longer sell them, please don't ask!)"

100 Percent Weird
All Request Volume VII
All Request Volume VIII
Anita Kerr Treasury Volume I
Anita Kerr Treasury Volume II
Anita Kerr Treasury Volume III
Anita Kerr WLS Platinum
As Big As Texas Volume I
As Big As Texas Volume II
Bartell Stations 1958
Blast from the Past Volume I
Blowtorch Volume II
Drake Tribute Volume I
Drake Tribute Volume II
Dynamite Decade Volume I
Fun Vibrations
Fun Volume I
Great Assortments Volume II
Happiness Is
Happy Difference Stations Volume I
Hooked On The 70s Volume I
Jacksonville Radio
Jet Set Mania
Jurassic Jingles Volume VI CRC
Jurassic Jingles Volume VII IMN, CRC
KHJ Cracking the Vault
KIMN Denver 95 Volume I
KOY The TM Years
KQWB Volume I
KQWB Volume II
Major Market Volume I
Major Market Volume II
MIA Volume I
MIA Volume II
MIA Volume III
More In Set Stations PAMS 30
More Music Explosion Stations
Music Power Stations Volume I
Nashville Cats Volume I
New England Swings Volume V
New York Affair
Peyton Park The Soul Man
Series 18
Sessions Volume I
Sonomagic Volume I
Southern Comfort Volume I
Still More All American Stations
Still More Go Go Stations
Still More In Set Stations
Stuck in the 60s Volume IV
Stuck in the 60s Volume V
Swinging Futursonic Volume I
Swinging Futursonic Volume II
Swiszlers Volume I
The You CD
This Just In Volume I
TM Classics From The 70s Volume III
TM Classics From The 70s Volume IV
TM Classics From The 70s Volume V
TM Classics From The 70s Volume VI
TM In The Beginning Volume I
TM The Middle Years Volume I
Ullman The Secret Dallas Producer
WABC Jingle Explosion
Way Out West Volume I
WBT 1972 PAMS Classics
WBZ 1955-1965
WDGY The PAMS Years Volume I
WDGY The PAMS Years Volume II
WGH In Old Virginia
WKIX Volume I
WTRY Great 98
WXYZ The TM Years Volume I
WXYZ The TM Years Volume II
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