By Ken Deutsch

Ken says: "Dozens of jingle producers in Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Memphis and other cities have come and gone. A few such as JAM and TM are still with us as of this writing. They all had an impact on the face of radio, and they all created material worth collecting. Some of the most unusual items are spotlighted here."

Not PAMS Track 01  WDTM Skit
Not PAMS Track 02  Toby Arnold
Not PAMS Track 03  Tanner
Not PAMS Track 04  Blore, Sande-Greene
Not PAMS Track 05  Other Folks
Not PAMS Track 06  LA, San Diego
Not PAMS Track 07  Hugh Heller
Not PAMS Track 08  Dallas

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2013 Ken Deutsch


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