By Ken Deutsch

Welcome to the PAMS Secret Closet!

Lots of people know about the company’s famous custom packages such as Solid Rock, Tuned Young and Smart Set. Even more know the numbered series like Series 18: Sonosational, Series 27: Jet Set and Series 29: Radio a Go Go. But few know about these "lost" items unearthed by Ken Deutsch and the crew at These are some of the items from the PAMS Secret Closet, where you never know what you will find.

This is Peyton Park (pronounced "Parks") singing a PAMS disclaimer for series 43, "The Textures." Only a little bit of this made it to the demo, but here is the whole enchilada, recorded in 1972. The instrumental track was originally written for a PAMS retail client, Herbst.

Series 43 Disclaimer

1964 was the year of the Beatles, and this was one of many similar jingles recorded that year by PAMS. The client may have been WABC, but we’re not sure. You probably will be able to guess the song that served as inspiration for this: "Please Please Me," an early Beatles hit.

Do The Beatle (With Sonovox)

In the early 1970s, Rick Sklar, program director of WABC, asked PAMS to create some special material to play at closed meetings of the ABC managers. Jon Wolfert was involved in some of the production. There are two versions: the first is sung by Dan Alexander and Chris Kershaw is the vocalist in the second.

PAMS ABC O&O Song (1973)

Dennis Meeks (Bill's son) says: "The following music, lyrics, orchestrations and copy are the exclusive property of PAMS Advertising Agency, Incorporated of Dallas, Texas. Copyrighted 1961."

Dennis Meeks Spoken Disclaimer (1961)

Northwest Suite is a record-length song created by PAMS. I don’t know much about it, other than the fact that it was designed for KIRO(AM) Seattle and that it features some of the best soloist and group talent at PAMS including Chris Kershaw and Dan Alexander. (It might have be inspired by Cashman & West's 1972 Top 40 hit "American City Suite.")

PAMS Northwest Suite

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