By Ken Deutsch

Ken says: "Part of being a jingle freak is hearing not only the PAMS cuts themselves, but the behind the scenes stuff! I'm very lucky to have a large collection of outtakes, between-the-jingles chatter by the singers and musicians, and other bits of arcana that help form a more complete picture of this great company. Putting all this material together in a series of montages is time-consuming but lots of fun, and now that I no longer am involved with jingles on a professional level, it's enjoyable to spend my down-time working on these. Hey, thanks for all the feedback from other PAMS fans out there, and hope you enjoy this sampler!"

PAMS Fan Track 01  Opening blast, 60s medley, yeehah
PAMS Fan Track 02  More 60s, Series 35 revealed
PAMS Fan Track 03  70s in stereo, Clancy "hunkadada"
PAMS Fan Track 04  Arizona State Fair
PAMS Fan Track 05  More 70s, Jon's TMOU Sonovox, sterereoeoeo
PAMS Fan Track 06  Newsbreak, more stereo, a capellas, Billy Rhythm I
PAMS Fan Track 07  Billy Rhythm II, Christmas
PAMS Fan Track 08  Country and more stereo
PAMS Fan Track 09  Closing and bonus Trella song "Meaning of No"

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2013 Ken Deutsch

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