By Ken Deutsch

Ken says: "Most jingle fans are familiar with the numbered PAMS series (1-49) and a few of the named packages such as Philadelphia Story (1972) and Solid Rock (1971). But to get the entire picture, one must also experience the many custom packages, grids and even not-for-broadcast works that were created between 1960-1978. This sampler was designed to fill in some of the missing spaces in the mosaic.

"Over the last ten years, we have lost many of the people who toiled so hard to make these jingles sparkle back in the day. During assembly of this sampler, death claimed one of the most gifted, Chris Kershaw. He was 62, just about my age. Chris was one of the first of a new generation of people coming up in the late 60s and early 70s, and he was equally adept at arranging, playing various instruments and singing. His work graced some of the best PAMS and JAM packages of that era, and he also started several companies of his own. If life is a mosaic, Chris was a very colorful piece.

"By the way, I mentioned the grid packages that PAMS created. These were custom packages that took advantage of multi-track recording in a unique way. Between the years of approximately 1968 and 1970, a custom-designed 10-track recorder was employed at PAMS so that a handful of instrumental tracks could be sung a number of ways on various layers. With clever mixing and editing, a station was able to get dozens of variations on a theme. Many of these packages were written by Bob Piper and Marv Shaw, two men who also are no longer with us. Engineer Bruce Collier mixed many of these packages, getting a lot of sound out of a limited number of tracks.

"This sampler features exclusively PAMS material, with a couple of exceptions. One spoken line having to do with 'drums' came from the JAM archive, and a few comedy bits came from a record called "Chaos" by Arbogast and Ross (1959)."

PAMS Mosaic Track 01  The 60s: mostly a capellas with a few commercials
PAMS Mosaic Track 02 
People count, the grids
PAMS Mosaic Track 03 
Audio overlays, mostly from the 60s
PAMS Mosaic Track 04 
Get outta here, kid; 60s stations and their cities
PAMS Mosaic Track 05 
Sports, including the long series 32 march in stereo
PAMS Mosaic Track 06 
WXYZ Good Life song featuring Trella Hart, 1967
PAMS Mosaic Track 07 
Mother Goose Twist (60s)
PAMS Mosaic Track 08 
PAMS Mosaic Track 09 
"Ridiculous," 60s spots, ICEE featuring solos by Peyton Park and Jodie Lyons
PAMS Mosaic Track 10 
The seal, commercials, Baptist Sunday school, Nutrena (long version) 1960s
PAMS Mosaic Track 11 
Colorful pieces, fast brass, 70s IDs and commercials
PAMS Mosaic Track 12 
Escape songs, arranged by Bob Piper and Arris Wheaton
PAMS Mosaic Track 13 
Written by Bill Meeks (from the 70s and strange)
PAMS Mosaic Track 14 
KLIF does its part 1974
PAMS Mosaic Track 15 
PAMS Mosaic Track 16 
PAMS style, 70s IDs
PAMS Mosaic Track 17 
70s stereo IDs
PAMS Mosaic Track 18 
70s stations and their cities
PAMS Mosaic Track 19 
CHAOS and news
PAMS Mosaic Track 20 
Christmas (60s and 70s)
PAMS Mosaic Track 21 
Country (60s and 70s)
PAMS Mosaic Track 22 
More music! (60s and 70s)
PAMS Mosaic Track 23 

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2013 Ken Deutsch

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