Photos submitted by Ken R. Deutsch

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PAMS Sound of the City ad
PAMS brochure (front)
PAMS brochure (back)
PAMS tape box label
Cover art for the demo tape of one of PAMS most popular packages, Series 27
The cover of the January 1969 Dallas magazine
Ken R. Deutsch at the board
PAMS by Ken R. glass mug
The official watch of Ken R, Incorporated
Image from the Ken R. "Confetti Brochure"
Dallas legend Jackie Dickson (who later married Tom Merriman)
when she visited Ken's studio in 1990 to sing with his group for several days.
Ken watches singers Ben, Doug and Lisa rehearsing.
Jon Wolfert (L) from JAM Creative Productions visits Ken's studio (1991).
Jon Wolfert at the Ken R, LLC piano (1991)
Dave Sharp tries his hand at Ken R's sonovox (1995).
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