Over the years Ken R LLC compiled and sold 7 "Power-Pellas" volumes. Each CD contained 99 tracks of generic (no call letters) material produced by PAMS. Included were a capellas, shouts, sonovox cuts and other evergreen elements suitable for enhancing oldies-formatted radio stations and DJ shows. Most vocal cuts featured the original PAMS Dallas singers, while others were sung by Ken R's Toledo group.

Power-Pellas Track Listing
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While the Power-Pellas CDs are no longer available for purchase, we thought the Power-Pellas demos and Ken's original disc descriptions deserved a place on this website as a part of radio jingle history. Enjoy! (You might be interested in the Pro-Pak Demos too.)

Power-Pellas I

Power-Pellas I Demo

Ken R LLC CD Description: Cuts 1-10 are a combination of the vocal group singing "countdown" followed by the Sonovox doing the numbers one through ten. Each Sonovox number corresponds to the CD index number. (Cut 4 says : "Countdown, 44444") Cuts 11-34 are music intros including three tempos of all hit music, double play, triple play, $ million music, more hits, the most music (three new versions of that phrase), music mutha , the music's on us, non-stop music (provided in two tempos), music and more (two tempos) and where the hits are happening. Cuts 35-40 are weather intros. You get metro weather, radar weather, weekend weather, and three other variations, one of which has a long moog pad afterwards. Cuts 41-45 are weekend cuts. Fun weekend, heavy golden weekend, $ million weekend, together weekend and wonderful weekend. Cuts 46-63 are your basic gold intros. They include double yesterday (for gold double plays), remember, golden (fast and slow versions), heavy gold (different from Pro Pak versions), memories, $ million music, yesterday (slow and fast), remember, solid gold (Sonovox version, and sung fast and sung slow with the group), souvenir, super yesterday, unforgettable, yesterhit yesterday, and the Sonovox slogan: your original oldies station. Cuts 64-73 are general slogans including boss radio, countdown, movin', the Sonovox saying "crank it up!", personality power, plays it heavy, radio-active, Superjock, where your friends are and X-tra. Cuts 74 through 82 are fun cuts we call "shouts and murmurs." The group shouts double play, groovin', number one, triple play and on the go. Then you get some amusing drop in cuts where the group says in unison "ha卙a卙a" That one will work perfectly for your bad jokes. And speaking of jokes, how would you like Trella laughing? You get two versions of that plus Peyton Parks doing his patented James Brown screaming. Cuts 83-86 can be used for call-ins and contests. You get the Sonovox saying "call now," and the male group singing "thanks for the call" and "here's your request." The fourth cut is the full group singing "another lucky winner." Cuts 87-92 are groovy 70s phrases including: come together with peace and love, getting' it together, love power, right on, takin' you higher and together weekend. Cuts 93 through 99 are feature and daypart jingles. You get the group singing boss time, car tunes, good morning, heavy nighttime music, sports and super nighttime music.

Power-Pellas II

Power-Pellas II Demo

Power-Pellas II Show Demo

Ken R LLC CD Description: We were blown away by the response to our first ever Power-Pellas CD, so a follow-up was in order! Once again, you get 99 generic jingle cuts on a CD which are all either a capella or Sonovox, so you can roll them over song intros, play them coming out of spots or just to spice up mobile music parties. Cuts 1-5 are all devoted to glorifying the weekend. You get groovin, $ million, golden, and two versions of wonderful weekend (fast and slow). Cuts 6-13 are gold intros including something gold, classic, remember, double gold, music radio souvenir, thanks for the memories, playback and heavy 70s. Cuts 14-23 consist of Sonovox drop-ins including the following phrases: bonus, fun and games, free records, have another hit, playing favorites, record rip-off, good morning, good evening, all American and another variation of whoopee. Cuts 24-41 bring you a different set of golden years 1964 through 1972, each sung fast and slow. Cuts 42-48 are sung days of the week. Cuts 49-56 are weather-related. You get hot, cold, rain, nice, yuck, windy, weather-weather-weather and forecast. Cuts 57-59 can be used with contests. You get another winner, he's a winner and she's a winner. Cuts 60-66 feature the mid-60s all male PAMS a capella sound. Jingles are provided which say go team go, name it and claim it, the winter sound, the summer sound, the spring sound, the professional sound and the number one sound. Cuts 67-73 are devoted to holidays. New Year, Memorial Day Weekend, Mother's Day, Father's Day, July 4th Weekend, Labor Day Weekend and Christmas cuts are provided. Cuts 74-77 are seasonal. Summer fun, winter, fall and spring cuts included. Cuts 78-82 are designated as daypart cuts. You get good morning (sung and spoken by a sexy woman), good afternoon, goin' home and good evening. Cuts 83-91 are music intros of various sorts. Included are the most music, instant replay, double play, twin spin, three in a row, non-stop music, music radio playin' through, most music and multiple music. Cuts 92-98 are for your countdown. The following numbers are provided: 40, 35, 30, 25, 20, 15 and number one. Cut 99 is provided for your amusement. It simply says "you're fired厃ou're fired." Use it after a bad joke. Or the jock who comes on after you can let you know you're late for work!

Power-Pellas III

Power-Pellas III Demo

Ken R LLC CD Description: The first cut is a Sonovox saying "number one," which can intro the first of several hits in a row. Cuts two-ten all sing "two in a row," etc. Each cut number on the CD corresponds to the number being sung. Cuts 11-23 are more gold intros including solid rock and gold, flash back-back-back, double gold, golden, solid gold two in a row, solid gold three in a row, golden hour, the best music/unforgettable, the mid-American time machine, souvenir, etc. Cuts 24-31 are various weekend sung lines including swingin' weekend, million $ weekend (with and without tymp roll afterwards), weekend vibrations, fun weekend, all music all weekend and souvenir weekend. Cuts 32-40 are general music intros including back to back, music pow pow power, hit album, we believe in music, the most music, music is our middle name, hit to hit in two different tempos and summer music pow pow power. Cuts 41-45 all sing more hit music in various tempos for music transitions. Cuts 46-50 are various more music intros including a unique shout/Sonovox combination, let's hear some more music, much more music, etc. Cuts 51-57 are days of the week. Each one sings "wow, it's Monday, non-stop music," etc. One jingle for each day of the week. Cuts 58-69 are a capellas which sing "1958 was a souvenir year, forever yours." There is one cut for each year 1958-1969 and each year corresponds with the CD index number. Cuts 70-72 all promote "Tiger Radio," including showtime, twin spin, etc. Cuts 73-75 are various versions of music is our message (originally from WABC). Cuts 76-79 are weather and sports intros including instant weather, sports in action, etc. Cuts 80-82 are daypart cuts, two for the morning, one for the drive home. Cuts 83-86 are generic phrases including more fun, another winner, and two versions of the beat goes on. Cuts 87-99 are all Sonovox wild lines including flashback, golden, yesterday, weekend fun, weather, weekend weather, more music, golden yesterday, gold muuuuuusic, most music, weekend gold, rock radio and solid rock.

Power-Pellas IV

Power-Pellas IV Demo

Ken R LLC CD Description: Cuts 1-10 are general format stuff including all American, the beat goes on, countdown survey, fun lovin' good guys, Merry Christmas, music pow power, radio 1 much more fun, the station with the happy difference, Superstation and wonderful weekend. Cuts 11-15 are summer related including summer fun, summer gold, have a super summer day, summer time, and time to turn. Cuts 16-29 are all music intros including all hit music, all hits music radio, all night music, back to back, more music (in several tempos), much more music (in several tempos), much more music twin spin and the music leader. Cuts 30-39 are all Sonovox drop-ins. You get all American (two different ways), all new, go go go, hit parade today, hit parade yesterday, merry Christmas, the oldies station, solid gold music and the always popular whoopee. Cuts 40-51 are gold intros including all night yesterday, best music, do you remember?, golden oldie, hit after hit gold, million $ weekend, souvenir (in several tempos) and yesterday. Cuts 52-54 are for you "boss radio" fans. In order you get boss oldie, boss radio and boss weekend. Cuts 55-70 are rather soft year sings, matching the CD index numbers. Cuts 71-80 are for various format services including: good guy time, news, scores again, sports, community calendar, community service, and several different weather intros. Cuts 81-89 are all various #1 jingles including all American, heavy hit, hit parade (in several tempos) and souvenir (in several tempos). Cuts 90-95 are for requests and using callers or guests. You get several sings of by request, a jingle that says hitline and one that says guest personality厃ou're on! You can use that last one for mobile music or broadcasts. Cuts 96-99 are shouts and spoken lines including the PAMS girls shouting golly gee whiz, a mixed group shouting let's go, guys shouting sing it and win and Trella Hart asking the musical question what's happening baby?

Power-Pellas V

Power-Pellas V Demo

Ken R LLC CD Description: Cuts 1-6 are Sonovox cuts which say "Fab 40 Countdown 1," etc. These can be used for British Invasion weekends, etc. Cuts 7-21 are more of the ever-popular solid gold intros. They include always more music, 24 hours, music radio remembers, here's more truly, etc. They sound similar to past cuts in this series but are all, oddly, different. Cuts 22-33 include various versions and tempos of maximum music, the most music, twin spin, double play, triple play, five in a row, seven in a row, etc. Cuts 34-39 are end of the year holidays (the only ones that matter) including Halloween, turkey time (gobble gobble), the good guys wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays. Cuts 40 and 41 are fast and slow holiday weekend jingles. Cuts 42-48 are generic music intros including a couple of really cool phased cuts PAMS produced in the early 70s, one which has Peyton shouting "funky!" and one that says AM and FM. Cuts 49-54 just for fun sing about having the best jingles, which you do when you use these Power-Pellas CDs. Why not tell people about it? Lyrics include all the time, wonderful jingles, where the jingles swing, etc. Cuts 55-72 are different year sings in which the CD index matches the year, as we usually try to do. They combine shouts and a sung phrase for the years 1955-1972, the years you want most. They say, "The solid gold hit machine remembers 57!" etc. Cuts 73-80 are specialized music intros including all through the night, old fashioned love songs, most requested song, million dollar music (fast and medium), love music and Lunchtime at the oldies. Cuts 81-85 are very brief weather a capellas including radar, weekend, holiday weekend, jet set and weather word. Cuts 86-89 are weekend jingles including variations on classic weekend, have fun this weekend and weekend listen in. Cuts 90-93 are features including cash call, winner, community calendar and traffic eye in the sky. Cuts 94-96 say groovy sounds, and groovin' (fast and slow versions) Cuts 97-99 are strange! They include laughing and scratching卻ingin' and swingin'. we're crazy, a shorter version of we're crazy卆nd for some reason a jingle that sings topless music radio. You figure out how to use them!

Power-Pellas VI

Power-Pellas VI Demo

Ken R LLC CD Description: Cuts 1-11 are "music now " jingles. The group sings "music now," then the Sonovox says one, two, three, etc. depending on the cut number. Cut 11 has the Sonovox saying, "blast off!" These can be used for 5 in a row sweeps for example, or a countdown. Cuts 12-30 are the ever-popular music intros. They include 80 hits in a row, album play, all your favorite songs, instant music, more music home of the good guys, a slow to fast transition, superhit, top 100 of the decade, all day, in full bloom with music, all hit, most music, ___is here to play more music, ____ is here to play something special, multiple music power, music worth listening to, nonstop music and others. Cuts 31-40 are holiday hit jingles. The male group sings holiday, hit one, hit two, etc. through ten. Cuts 41-56 are Trella Hart spoken (or shouted) lines you can drop in on your show. They include AM and FM, FM, classic oldies, fun, the wall of sound, oh God, solid gold hump day (with a laugh), the legend returns, the oldies channel, turn it up we'll turn you on, we're back, your classic oldies station, your one and oldies station and a few more. Cuts 57-74 are oldies based cuts including good times great oldies, good time oldies, great oldies, hitline sound of the 70s, today's hits and yesterday's favorites, 14 in a row, and more. Cuts 75-81 all say jukebox Saturday night and include jingles for doo-wop, music and memories, memories come here to play and more. Cuts 82-86 are weekend cuts including weekend sports, weather, music, classic weekend, and Christmas weekend. Cuts 87-99 are general jingles and include winner, time, traffic, weather, thanks for listening, winter warm, autumn, happy Ground Hog Day, and other misc. slogans.

Power-Pellas VII

Power-Pellas VII Demo

Ken R LLC CD Description: More a capellas, shouts and Sonovox! These are all generic, no call letters so you can use them right off the CD! Section 1 contains general music jingles including: twin spin, plays hits, more hit music, never miss a hit, music, never ending music, all the music's on us, music now, heavy hit, non-stop double play, more music music music, power play, radio radiates with music, where it is, #1, much more music, the "Drake-style" more music in three tempos, plays more music (also in three tempos) and wonderful music. Section 2 contains four weekend jingles including weather, golden weekend, weekend fun and $million weekend. Section 3 is misc. cuts including go go, go go go go go, let's go, medium with a message, wintertime, good evening, Merry Christmas, another winner, good guys on. (in three tempos) and 20-20 news (sung). Section 4 contains year sings from 1940 right up through 1979, probably for the first time anywhere. 1961 is cut 61 on the CD, etc. Section 5 contains 2 weather jingles. Section 6 has various gold intros including golden (in three tempos), solid gold (in three tempos), double golden (in three tempos), golden (with moog intro) and sound of the 70s. It's 99 cuts, each with its own index.

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