By Ken Deutsch

Spot Production was a minor Texas rival to PAMS and TM in the 60s, and it was located in neighboring Ft. Worth, a short drive from Dallas.

One of Spot's most popular packages was Personality Plus, which aired on a number of stations. During the Batman craze in 1966, Spotís jingle version of that was called "That Man" and it ran on WPGC in Washington, D.C., WPTR in Albany, New York, WXYZ in Detroit and many other stations. The company also syndicated the comedy series "Chicken Man" which was created at WCFL, Chicago.

Some of the jingles were written by Paris Rutherford, a great arranger who had been an instrumentalist on PAMS series 18. Jackie Dickson, Dick Cole, Jim Clancy and many other singers who freelanced at other companies also made the drive to Ft. Worth and sang for Spot. Ronnie Tutt had played drums for Elvis, and he also worked at Spot.

While not as well-known as some of the other companies in business at the time, Spot Productions created some unique and well-crafted station IDs.

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