By Ken Deutsch

Toby Arnold and Associates was started circa 1973 by Toby and his wife Dolly. Toby had most recently been sales manager at PAMS for several years prior, and he carried his friendships with PAMS arranger Euel Box and independent producer Dick Starr across town when he started his new enterprise. He also brought along his Rolodex of radio clients of whom he had many.

Euel Box had been a friend of Bill Meeks, president of PAMS, since they were in high school together. Box brought strong musical expertise to PAMS that resulted in groundbreaking hits like Series 16 (My Home Town) 17, 18, 19, 26 and many others. In 1967 PAMS began to produce country-formatted jingles and Box began to work with clients like KLAC in Los Angeles, whom he would later bring to TA&A. Box passed away in 2017.

Producer Dick Starr was known for creating the Opus series of musical year-end specials. Opus '71 and '72 were produced at PAMS, but then after bouncing around for a while, this multi-hour program ended up at TA&A in the late 70s.

Toby’s main focus in the early years was ID jingles, but he quickly moved into advertiser jingles and libraries for station production. Many of the writers and singers he used had worked at PAMS or were still working for PAMS on a freelance basis.

Toby Arnold passed away in 2006.

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