By Ken Deutsch

Ken says:

"Unforgettable, in every way, and forever more, thatís how youíll stay."

Nat "King" Cole first recorded "Unforgettable" in 1952. It's a beautiful song that while written about a woman, could apply to many things. This includes a 14 year period in the history of PAMS (1960 through 1974) when some of its best jingles were written and played on Americaís radio stations.

For me this era represented my teenage years and early 20s, a time I fell in love with top-40 radio and its jingles in particular. People have come and gone in my life. I married, gained a stepson, watched the world change in many serious ways, but the PAMS jingles from the 60s and early 70s will always remain "unforgettable" to me.

Unforgettable Track 01 60s segment A: shape up, 27 morphing, WABC in stereo
Unforgettable Track 02 70s segment A: 75 different ways, Black Net audition, Bandfare
Unforgettable Track 03 Not comfortable, Sonovox in French, Series 32 this way
Unforgettable Track 04 70s segment B: Hummer, Zilchee, Armed Services songs
Unforgettable Track 05 Christmas medley
Unforgettable Track 06 70s segment C: Billy claps, forgot the frequency, ask any man
Unforgettable Track 07 WLS 60s and 70s rarities
Unforgettable Track 08 Country jingles in mono and stereo
Unforgettable Track 09 JW's Theme
(written and produced by Jon Wolfert for NBC's Monitor in 1973)
Unforgettable Track 10 Go to Church
Unforgettable Track 11 All stereo (60s and 70s)
Unforgettable Track 12 60s segment C: Mike Neff chats with Jon Wolfert

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