Videos and Captions provided by Ken Deutsch

Ken says: "The year was 1980, and at that point we only had our Toledo vocal group up and running for a couple of years. (We got better!) Note the primitive equipment! An 8-track board and an 8-track analog reel-to-reel are seen in this video. I have no idea why a big-time CBS affiliate would want to do a story about people who were just starting out! FYI, when this video was shot, CDs were still about four years in the future and the Internet wouldn't come along for ten years."

Ken says: "Once again we're stuck in the 80s for this quirky piece from yet another television station that had nothing better to do that day. At the time, we were singing a lot of jingles for CPMG, Ben Freedman's company. Many of these were re-sings of PAMS tracks, and the lyrics couldn't have been sillier, at least to me and my singers. I also have to laugh when I look back at my appearance at age 30 or so. Yow! Enough facial hair to haunt a three-bedroom house!"

Ken says: "I had a couple thoughts as I re-watched this one. Firstly, we started selling PAMS merchandise, and it took off! Man, I had no idea that collectors would gobble this stuff up, mostly because I thought I was the only one who would want it! Apparently others shared my joy in all things PAMS. The other thought I had was that I had a ton of money invested in equipment because at the time, you had to. It was pre-digital and that huge analog board was quite expensive. Today you could do the whole thing on a laptop running ProTools and a few microphones. I no longer have a full studio, but I do have a small digital board from Yamaha (01V) which cost about $1500 and does everything better than the board you see here which cost more than ten times that. But we did what we had to do to put out a great product. But I also learned that more than the equipment you have, it's the talent behind the microphones that makes the difference and my singers were the best. I could not have pulled it off without them. They made my humble vocal charts (the written musical scores) sound great."

Ken says: "I can't give you a precise year on this, but I would suspect it's around 1994. Here's why. You'll notice that I am extremely thin! The reason is that I had just gotten over surgery and was down to about 105 pounds. Not a good look for me! And you can also see that my vocal group doesn't change much over the years. I had a good crew and they stuck with me. Lisa ended up singing for Ken R Inc. for 23 years. Doug for almost as long. The other singers, 11 years, 9 years, and 6 years. I always appreciated their loyalty."

Ken says: "Hey, in our 1998 opus you got the Three Stooges, Kevin Kline (in a movie clip from "Consenting Adults") and dear, beloved Brooke, my long-time office manager. What more could you ask for?"

Ken says: "We've all aged since our 1980s videos, but here you see our final studio, with real equipment and microphones. And by this time the singers were excellent and the whole vocal session thing operated like a machine. We could work together very quickly, but with a much more cohesive sound and style. It was fun right up until the last minute. How lucky I was to be able to work with such a talented group."

Ken says: "This one will always be a little bittersweet for me, as it was the last one of these little year-end parties for the singers. These Christmas Party videos were expensive to produce because we hired a professional videographer to shoot and assemble them. However, it was worth it, especially looking back. I particularly like the closing montage. A little time capsule of what we were doing and thinking in that little slice of time."

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