By Ken Deutsch

Ken says: "'We Pause for Station Identification' is another all-PAMS spectacular. During the cut selection process, I sought out the most unusual lyrics and mixes I could find, just to keep things interesting. There are the usual outtakes and oddities, and it's my hope that you find it amusing!"

We Pause Track 01 60s: The Memphis Way, Let's Do It, Partner!
We Pause Track 02 60s: Stick It, Spiro Agnew, WMEX Sample Sigs
We Pause Track 03 60s: Buns, Trella Live, Cheerleaders
We Pause Track 04 60s: We Gotta Do a Whoopee, Pixieland, Peyton Splits and Stereo
We Pause Track 05 60s: 28 Guitar Reveal, Russian Sonovox, Whistling Sidekick
We Pause Track 06 60s: Hiya Jocks, Animal Noises, How About The DJ Themes?
We Pause Track 07 60s: And 70s Country
We Pause Track 08 70s: The Code, Your Fantasy
We Pause Track 09 70s: Be Somebody, New Vocal Sound, Astrology Jingle
We Pause Track 10 70s: In Stereo
We Pause Track 11 70s: No Imagination, Christmas Medley, Stan's In the Groove
We Pause Track 12 70s: Celebrate
We Pause Track 13 70s: Yellow Brick Road, Don't Burn, Get It On, Squeebadot!
We Pause Track 14 70s: Look, Ma, No Instruments

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2013 Ken Deutsch

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