WLNG 1988 PAMS Resings
Contributed by Bob Carle; Restoration by Ken Deutsch

In 1988 Ben Freedman produced a recording session consisting of PAMS resings for WLNG, Sag Harbor, NY (Eastern Long Island). He used some of the Dallas singers, and tracks from series 26 through 31 from the PAMS archive. This session was rather an off-hand effort and the singing and mix are not up to par. Ken Deutsch tried to improve the mono mix by adjusting levels, trimming the tops and tails more carefully and spacing the jingles consistently, however, there was only so much he could do.

Many of these cuts can still be heard on WLNG today.

WLNG 1988 PAMS Assortment

Full-Sized CD Cover Graphic
2014 Ken Deutsch

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