By Ken Deutsch

Nearly all of the jingles on are from American radio stations. But we thought we'd showcase some classic PAMS and TM packages done for non-US broadcast outlets. Some are sung in English; others in Spanish or French. We hope you enjoy.

Radio Mutual was produced in French with the regular PAMS vocal group, but with one exception. A French female lead replaced Jackie Dickson, who normally sang lead in 1972.

Radio Mutual PAMS 43

These two PAMS packages for Mexican stations were sung in Spanish:

XERC PAMS 26, 27

XHTM PAMS 42, Clyde

Here are a couple of TM packages sung for Australian stations:

3DB and 3LK TM Image 73

5AD TM Rhythm of the City (1979)

These TM cuts were sung in 1981 for CJCL (Metro 1430) in Toronto:

CJCL TM Jingles (1981)

Here's PAMS Series 34 sung for the UK's BBC Radio 1:

BBC Radio 1 PAMS 34

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