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Ken Deutsch wrote four highly-acclaimed books in the early 2000s: "The Jingle Book," "The Second Jingle Book," "Up and Down the Dial," and "Growing Up Glencoe." These were all worldwide top-sellers in paperback, but since they have been out-of-print for years, we've had requests to make them available again to a whole new generation of jingle collectors and radio fans. These four books are all now included in PDF format in our Ken R Book Bundle Bonanza, along with Ken Deutsch's first new book in almost 20 years, "Jingles and More." Also included are an exclusive new 3-part "Jingles and More" jingle sampler plus a recent audio interview with Ken Deutsch conducted by radio personality and jingle collector Morgan Cunningham. $49 Get more information and order here.

(Volumes 1000-6000 currently available.)

If you're playing oldies, classic hits, gold or any kind of music from the past, you need these generic jingles, shouts and Sonovox elements that will make your music come alive. Each Pro-Pak is delivered as individual full-fidelity WAV files and all of these products contain more than 1000 cuts. Now heard all over the world, Pro-Paks are the gold standard in production elements. $99 each

Pro-Pak 1000

The first section is a capellas: two different sets of year sings, dayparts, slogans and miscellaneous like 'beam me up, Scotty," etc. There is a separate section for country a capellas, jingles and shouts. Next over 80 generic jingles for oldies intros, weather, etc. You get a complete set of holiday jingles, a capellas and shouts. As if that weren't enough you get instrumental tracks of varying lengths including stagers, top of the hour beds, fanfares, etc. Don't forget the 40 Sonovox cuts and a few generic announcer lines plus Trella's slogans, too! About 1100 individual elements. $99 Demos and more information

Pro-Pak 2000

Holy cats, more than 1100 individual elements! This package offers funny lines from your local announcer and some more spoken material from everyone's favorite singer: Trella Hart. Over 240 a capellas including countdown numbers 1-10, more gold intros than you'll ever need, feature intros, seasons and more. Then we have generic jingles that cover formatic elements, music intros, news intros and separate country material. Plenty of holiday cuts for Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day and more. You get 21 news stagers and opens and gobs of 30- and 60-second music beds, too. Ken Deutsch created dozens of brand new instrumental logos modeled after WABC, WLS, KLIF and KHJ. You'll never run out of tymps and chimes, we have them all here. Also rim shots, harp transitions and Moog elements you never knew you needed until now. $99 Demos and more information

Pro-Pak 3000

Did you ever hear a singing clock? We have one here, and it sings the time in 15 minute-increments. Why? Because you need it! And remember all those NAB "Take a Portable Radio" jingles from the mid-60s? You get those too with beautiful fidelity. This package contains 20 more Sonovox liners, some artist greetings, more than 200 of the best national commercials from the 60s and 70s, format a capellas and miscellaneous drop-ins (spoken phrases from movies and TV out of context). And yes, we haven't forgotten to include about 40 of your most-requested shouts and chants (soft shouts) to round out your package of 1300+ individual goodies ready to go! $99 Demos and more information

Pro-Pak 4000

We thought that the first 3 Pro-Paks would have provided our fans with enough generic oldies jingles and other must-have programming elements, but wow, you wrote us begging for another volume! Our answer was, duh, Pro-Pak 4000! It has a folder called "Just for Fun" and it includes a capellas that sing "another jingle," "how's your left leg?" and other non-sequiturs that sound great when they are sung. You get generic jingles to cover "number one" to "number 30," contest beds and intros, gold stagers, boss of the beach jingles, young American jingles and so much more. More custom instrumental logos by Ken Deutsch based on the KLIF, WABC, KHJ and WLS melodies in various styles like "rock guitar" and "Echo-bot," whatever that is. This collection has one of our biggest Sonovox folders with 49 great cuts. As a bonus, you get year sings from 1950-1999! Too groovy to pass up! $99 Demos and more information

Pro-Pak 5000

Would you believe our latest package includes four different sets of year sings? Those will really keep your classic hits sounding fresh. You'll also get dozens of Vocoder lines (sort of like Sonovox), 64 weather intros, 101 shouts, 200+ a capellas and yes, over 100 Sonovox lines, one for every occasion except perhaps a wedding. But if you want a Sonovox jingle for your wedding, you have problems! We have thrown in music beds from 10 to 60 seconds in length, day of the week jingles and even more news beds and intros. And these elements are not just for classic hits and rock stations; we have a country section as well. Hey, if you bought and loved the previous volumes, you will dig this one, too! $99 Demos and more information

Of course you'll get fresh "more music," "gold," station feature intros and year sings and shouts. Hey, you expected that, right? But what you didn't expect is a series of Christmas greetings to your listeners from dozens of such disparate personalities as Adam West, Isaac Hayes, Shelly Long and the elusive Richard Simmons. And since in a previous Pro-Pak we gave you the singing clock, for Pro-Pak 6000 it's the singing thermometer! ("Temperatunes") You get a sung jingle for every temperature from minus 15 to 110 degrees above zero, which ought to cover all our clients around the world. And there's fun stuff for recreating an old newscast, like our big-voiced announcer intoning "Checkpoint: Washington D.C.," Checkpoint "New York City," etc. These are the kind of generic jingles and sounders we wish we had when we were playing radio in our bedrooms all those years ago. (Some of us still play radio in our bedrooms.) Regardless of your medium or format, you need Pro-Pak 6000! $99 Demos and more information


MaxTrax (Volume I)

The problem with most production libraries available today is that the music is mostly synthetic. Drum machines and synths are inexpensive and anyone can make something resembling music. But these current libraries don't provide the rich sound of real brass, real strings and real drummers like we remember from the 60s and 70s, before MIDI instruments took over. MaxTrax Volume I solves that problem by giving you more than 500 authentic 60-second music tracks recorded in Dallas and Memphis, all with real instruments, all in full-fidelity WAV files, or as an option, money- and space-saving 320 kbps MP3s. $59/$99 Demos and more information

MaxTrax (Volume II)

Our original MaxTrax library was so popular, we had to put together a second volume. Just like the first, you get over 500 60-second retro-sounding beds, all recorded with real instruments: strings, brass, and drums just like the music you love from the 1960s and 1970s. The tracks were performed by some of the world's best musicians and recorded in top Dallas and Memphis studios. We offer two versions of MaxTrax Volume II: high-quality, uncompressed WAV files or smaller (but still sounding good) MP3 files. $59/$99 Demos and more information


Trak-Pak (Volume 1)

Jingle producers of the 1960s through the 1990s sometimes provided alternate mixes of each ID jingle purchased, but they never included the unsung versions of the instrumental tracks in the clear. Now,, in cooperation with Ken R. LLC, breaks the rules with Trak-Pak Volume 1. Trak-Pak Volume 1 provides all the jingle tracks for 13 of Ken's greatest ID packages, and we also provide for your reference, a sung version of each cut. This is a first! You can use them for production, talk-over, or heck, sing your own versions of the jingles! $79 Demos and more information

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