Ken Deutch

If you love jingles from the 60s and 70s, you ought to check this out!

One of our main contributors here at is Ken Deutsch, a Chicago native who owned his own jingle company between 1977-2005, Ken R. LLC. During those years Ken had a license to produce re-sings of PAMS jingles using a very skilled Toledo vocal group, jingles which he retailed successfully throughout the world. After he sold his recording studio Ken continued to offer licensed CDs featuring the jingle work of PAMS, TM, Futursonic, Anita Kerr, Johnny Mann and others.

Ken's long-time friendship with Jon Wolfert, president of PAMS/JAM Creative Productions, brought him into contact with many of the Dallas jingle singers and producers. Beginning in 2001, Ken wrote two books about these great people, one book about his experiences in radio and one about his pre-jingle childhood, all of which are now available as e-books from Amazon.

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