By Linden Wade

These samplers were created by UK jingle collector Linden Wade.

PAMS Jet Set in Lyric Sheet Order

Linden says: "Over 7 minutes of jingle heaven with a classic jingle montage from PAMS Series 27. I looked through the Series 27 package and selected cuts from a variety of different stations. It took me around 6 hours in total to complete! Cuts below are featured in lyric sheet order with the cut name in brackets. See full contents below:"

Cut 01 - WMEX (Where The Action Is)
Cut 02 - Radio Luxembourg (Positive Charge)
Cut 03 - WKZQ in Stereo (Surfin')
Cut 04 - WDRC (Jet Set Sig)
Cut 05 - WAVZ (Golden Classic)
Cut 06 - WHLO (Sports In Action)
Cut 07 - WDGY (Motor Boat)
Cut 08 - WGH (Sig Plus)
Cut 09 - WQAM (The Fastest Thing In The Air)
Cut 10 - WAYS (Weather Checker)
Cut 11 - WING (Hit From The Future)
Cut 12 - WIFE (Bubble Sig)
Cut 13 - WXYZ (Dateline Music)
Cut 14 - WHB (XKE Special)
Cut 15 - CHUM (Skyliner)
Cut 16 - KORL (It's A Blast)
Cut 17 - CFUN (T.G.I.F)
Cut 18 - KFWB (Weekend ID)
Cut 19 - WJAR (Weekend Special)
Cut 20 - WNDR (Morning Go Sig)
Cut 21 - KLIF (You're A Winner)

PAMS Series 14-34 Sampler

Linden says: "Another great PAMS jingle montage from the archive of Linden Wade. Took me a while to put this one together, I had to look through all of the PAMS material I had (Although the search feature made it easier!). I found it very tricky to find some Series 21 material. Eventually, I got it from one of the PAMS archive material cassettes but even though from cassette, it sounds almost as good as all of the other restored material. This montage features a single cut from each PAMS series between 14 and 34; including 26D and 28X. See full contents below:"

Series 14 - WXYZ
Series 15 - KULA
Series 16 - WCOL
Series 17 - WHLO
Series 18 - Guadalajara
Series 19 - WMEX
Series 20 - WQAM
Series 21 - WCKY
Series 22 - KLIF
Series 23 - WKBW
Series 24 - KORL
Series 25 - WPOP
Series 26 - WBZ
Series 26D - WXYZ
Series 27 - WNDR
Series 28 - WABC
Series 28X - WNDR
Series 29 - WABA
Series 30 - WDGY
Series 31 - BBC Radio 1
Series 32 - WKNR
Series 33 - CHUM
Series 34 - KQWB

PAMS Series 29 Sampler

Linden says: "This is just a quick put-together that I completed in about 30 minutes, added a slap of reverb to the jingles and got them pretty much at the same audio level. Notice my 'new' montage opener that I created with generic bits from the Ken R Pro-Pak Series. Jingles, jingles, jingles from PAMS great series 29. This is just one of many series based montages that I wish to create over the next few months. It contains different cuts from the package from various different stations. Have a listen, I think you may like this one."

Those Oldies But Goodies Sampler

Linden says: "I'm delighted to announce the release of my very first jingle sampler featuring cuts from multiple companies: 'Those Oldies But Goodies'. The sampler features five tracks of jingles in easy listening segments and contains great classic jingles from PAMS, Pepper Tanner, Spot Productions, TM, Anita Kerr, Johnny Mann, Ken R Inc, CRC and Gwinsound. It takes you back into the depths of jingle history from the 1960s and 1970s whilst also featuring some 1990s vocals on these great music tracks. I'm pleased to showcase brilliant work from some of the greatest producers in the world."

Track 01
Track 02
Track 03
Track 04
Track 05

Zip file of All Oldies But Goodies Tracks

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