By Michael Neff

These well-produced samplers by longtime jingle collector Michael Neff feature radio jingles from PAMS, TM, JAM and many other fine companies. "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Radio Station Jingles" includes a phone interview with JAM's Jon Wolfert.

Michael writes: "GREAT to know these are ALL in one place!!! Several 'moves' ago, I lost the MASTERS for my samplers. They were assembled on a Sony 2-track reel machine dubbing off of a Norelco mono deck. Going back and forth, track to track, this is how I made the segues. I did NOT use a traditional 'production studio.' Just my free time goofing around at home.

"For me, the 'magic' of making samplers was to feature the smaller market versions of the BIG CITY packages. The jingle elves were a spoof of the Fotomat elves -- a dominant radio campaign of the mid-70s featuring the voice work of John Bartholomew Tucker. None of this was digitally produced as digital did not exist at the time. So, there's tape hiss in abundance throughout.

"I STILL am amazed where these silly jingle samplers have surfaced over the years. And, am humbled by many Radio Pals who contacted me to say THEIR interest in the business can be traced to listening to MY samplers. So, Ted, thanks for putting a slice of my radio legacy in a place where all can hear what I 'heard' to be interesting and entertaining."

Michael Neff Jingle Sampler 1 (Summer 1977)
Michael Neff Jingle Sampler 2 (Winter 1977)
Michael Neff Jingle Sampler 3 (1978)
Michael Neff Jingle Sampler 4 (1979)
Michael Neff Jingle Sampler 5 (1981)

Back And Forth Jingle Sampler (1978)

Michael says: "'Back And Forth' I think it is from early 1978. It features a mini tribute to WCFL and WGAR, the stations that sparked my interest in jingles. I put it together when I was at WIND in Chicago."

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Radio Station Jingles (1980)

Michael says: "'Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Radio Station Jingles' was a piece I assembled for a 'Radio Pal' in Waterloo, Iowa, who used to publish an audio newsletter in the late '70s/early '80s called 'The R-R-P.' It had to have been produced when I was at WGY; so, I'm guessing 1980."

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