By Ken Deutsch

Ken Deutsch writes: "In those distant pre-Internet decades of the 1960s and 70s, it was difficult for jingle companies to communicate with stations around the world. Long distance was quite expensive and overseas mail was expensive as well as unreliable.

"Yet stations in countries like Australia, Canada and England wanted PAMS' product so badly that they often worked around these obstacles to get it. While many jingle collectors in the United States focused on stateside AMs such as WABC, WLS, KHJ and KLIF there were international entities that also got the PAMS treatment. Since these jingles are relatively rare and often had colorful lyrics, I have put together a three-part sampler featuring some of what PAMS created for its international clients.

"All PAMS jingles are copyright PAMS Productions Inc."

PAMS Around The World - Part 1
PAMS Around The World - Part 2
PAMS Around The World - Part 3

Zip file of All PAMS Around The World Sampler Tracks

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2021 Ken Deutsch

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