By Ken Deutsch

Ken says: "You’ve heard the demos, you’ve even heard some of the air versions. But there are more WABC jingles than have met the ears, at least so far. And not just from PAMS! We opened the vault to bring you a sampling of some of the coolest jingles you’ve never heard from one of the country’s most iconic top-40 stations."

Track 01 60s PAMS Medley
Track 02 Trella Shouts
Track 03 Chuck Berry
Track 04 Beatles
Track 05 ABC O&O
Track 06 PAMS/Tanner Comparison
Track 07 70s PAMS Medley
Track 08 60s Medley (Other Companies)

Zip File of All WABC From The Vault Tracks

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©2016 Ken Deutsch

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