By Ken Deutsch

Ken Deutsch writes:

It's the further adventures of 1960s DJ Johnny Lizard from a previously-undiscovered aircheck of WORM(AM) Radio. This reel of tape was found buried under a cooler of long-past-their-sell-date wieners in the basement of a diner in Pomona, California.

Johnny is joined by his fellow DJ, Al Fresco and a cast of station employees, hangers-on, guests, irate sponsors and ex-wives. WORM Radio had quite a following in its heyday, but somehow always seemed to come in second in the ratings to KRAP(AM) Radio, its cross-town rival.

We'd like to thank Don Murley, Ted Tatman, Morgan Cunningham, Anna Nasset, Sheree Bernardi, Linda Deutsch, Ron Harris, Dave Milberg and Ken Deutsch (good friend of Johnny Lizard). This Johnny Lizard has no association with Ken Levine, Hollywood writer.

Feel free to contact Ken at KenRDeutsch@GMail.com.

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Wonderful Worm 6

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2021 Ken Deutsch

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