By Ken Deutsch

Ken Deutsch writes:

In 2003 we discovered some old reels of tape that represented the top-40 magic of a 1960s AM disc jockey named Johnny Lizard, and edited them together as "Wonderful WORM Radio." This was released as a CD bonus with my book, "Up and Down the Dial." After the print copies sold out (this title is now available on Amazon as an E-Book), this little piece of radio history found new life, thanks to Ted Tatman, on this site. You can hear it again right here.

In 2016, additional airchecks of the legendary Johnny Lizard were unearthed from 1965, and the results are presented for you here now as, "Much More Wonderful Worm." We hope that you enjoy this blast from the past.

This top-40 parody featuring the fictitious DJ "Johnny Lizard" is not to be confused with any creative work produced by Ken Levine, a Hollywood writer and jingle fan.

Ken Levine occasionally used the name "Johnny Lizard" when he was in college, a fact of which Ken Deutsch was unaware, and Mr. Levine just wants to ensure that people understand that Wonderful WORM is not connected with him in any way.

"Much More Wonderful WORM" could not have been completed without the help of friends and family. I'd like to thank Dave Milberg, Ted Tatman, Greg Clancy, Michael Neff, Jackie Aniolek, DJ Hiner, Brittany "Sparkle" Anderson, Norman Barrington, Morgan Cunningham, Marty Deutsch (brother) and Linda Deutsch (wife) for their invaluable assistance. Sonovox was created by Glenn Sauter. Voice tracks for Johnny Lizard were recorded in the studios of WDAM Radio, Longboat Key, Florida.

2016 Ken Deutsch
All rights reserved

Ken recording voice tracks at WDAM Radio

Johnny Lizard and all of us at Wonderful WORM invite you to join our friend Radio Dave on the "Rare & Scratchy Rock 'N Roll" podcast series available at iTunes, TuneIn, Libsyn, and Stitcher. Visit for complete information.

Much More Wonderful Worm

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2016 Ken Deutsch

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