By Ken Deutsch

Ken Deutsch writes:

In 1965 Johnny Lizard was riding high as the top personality at WORM Radio. While not many airchecks survived the 50 years between then and now, a few more have surfaced recently and we're happy to be able to bring them to you here.

This top-40 parody featuring the fictitious DJ "Johnny Lizard" is not to be confused with any creative work produced by Ken Levine, a Hollywood writer and jingle fan.

Ken Levine occasionally used the name "Johnny Lizard" when he was in college, a fact of which Ken Deutsch was unaware, and Mr. Levine just wants to ensure that people understand that Wonderful WORM is not connected with him in any way.

DJ Johnny Lizard with a female admirer

The staff and management of Wonderful WORM would like to thank the following people for helping us uncover these latest found treasures:

Morgan Cunningham, Marty Deutsch, Linda Deutsch, Dave Milberg, Ted Tatman, Norman Barrington, Michael Neff, Jackie Aniolek, Mrs. Miller and Lily the Weather Girl. Sonovox by Ken Justiss. Also thanks to Trella Hart and Terry Lea whose vocal comments were used in tribute to these two living legends. Jingles provided by CRC, Futursonic, PAMS, Pepper/Tanner and TM.

2017 Ken Deutsch
All rights reserved

Wonderful Worm 3

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2017 Ken Deutsch

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