Photos submitted by Ken R. Deutsch
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Ken R. writes about the next three pictures: "In 1977 I held my first professional jingle recording session. I was 26 years old at the time, and since I did not yet have my own studio, I rented Hanf Recording in Toledo. Yes, that is a silly name for a studio, and impossible to pronounce, but it was the guy's name.

"I don't even remember the name of the client, but these shots were taken of the various musicians, none of whose names I can recall 40 years later. I didn't completely know what I was doing, but I had a good idea that if I wrote the chart (musical notation) correctly and hired good people to play it that everything would turn out fine, which it did.

"In addition to the sax, trumpets and guitar you see, we also had a drummer, bass player, a xylophone (?!) and I believe I played piano. All instruments were played simultaneously, unlike how it would be recorded today. The next day we brought in our vocal group. It was a real rush for me to have great musicians taking the notes I wrote and making them sound even better with their expertise. By 1979 I was sharing a new studio with a couple of other guys and in 1984 I finally got my very own place to record. This was the beginning of Ken R. LLC."

Ken R. writes about the next five pictures: "Ben Freedman (1949-2013) was a jingle producer from Buffalo, where he had his own studio for several years in the late 70s and early 80s. After that he moved to Dallas to take advantage of the many talented singers and musicians there.

"I worked with Ben from 1980-1996, and we produced PAMS jingles as well as original CPMG projects. Ben used my vocal group in Toledo, Ohio, as well as various Dallas groups to sing these packages. At the height of our collaboration we were quite busy and our jingles played all over the world.

"You can read more about Ben at, and you can get the full PAMS story at"

St. Martin's Studios exterior
Steve England at the controls
Studio 1, Commercial Production
Becky in Studio 2
Studio 3 Control
Studio 3 Sound Booth
Soundcraft Console
Singers Jean Barrow, Shiela Gott, Sue Quinn, Steve Butler, Alan Fawkes and Ian Wilson
Singers Steve Butler, Alan Fawkes and Ian Wilson
String session held off premises
Cassette Duplication
Muff Murfin, Hans Hoogendoorn and Tom Merriman
Muff Murfin and Tom Merriman
Muff Murfin and Tom Merriman
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