Welcome to JingleSamplers.com! On this site you'll be able to listen to and/or download some great-quality radio jingle montages containing cuts from PAMS of Dallas and other legendary jingle companies. Except as noted, these samplers were originally complied by jingle aficionado Ken Deutsch of Ken R LLC fame. This site was created by and is maintained by Ted Tatman.

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Our thanks to Greg Clancy at TM Studios for our JingleSamplers.com acapella.
Listen to it on demand here:

JingleSamplers.com TM Studios Acapella

A Note from Ken Deutsch

Dear jingle fans:

I know that many of you are very interested in obtaining particular jingle packages or CDs from my former catalogue. In 2005 I retired from selling and trading jingles. Even though I get frequent requests via e-mail and phone from collectors, I must politely decline each one.

However, there is some good news. Ted Tatman, my friend and the man who set up this site, may be able to help you. Instead of contacting me, I suggest you write to Ted at ted@tedtatman.com.

I am always available to identify unknown jingles or to answer any questions about jingles or collecting, but if you wish to obtain specific jingles, Ted is the guy to talk to. Thanks!


A PAMS vocal session in 1970. L-R: Libba Weeks, Mary Jo Grogren, Jackie Dickson, Jim Clancy, Marv Shaw, Billy Ainsworth. Back to camera, unidentified. 1970 Pat Appleson Studios, Inc. All Rights Reserved, Used by Permission.
About Primary Contributor Ken Deutsch

Ken Deutsch (2022)

My name is Ken Deutsch, but for years I was known as Ken R, president of Ken R. LLC. From 1980 through 2000, I owned a recording studio in Toledo, Ohio that produced resings of PAMS jingles for clients around the world. However, my inspiration was always the original PAMS of Dallas, which produced exceptional jingles between roughly 1960-1974. (Today PAMS Productions is owned by my friend, Jon Wolfert. You can get the full story at www.PAMS.com.)

But before I owned the studio, I was a jingle collector or "jingle freak" as some people put it. That meant I would beg and borrow jingles from friends, radio stations or DJs and get analog (and sometimes hissy) dubs of them. I started collecting in about 1964, but didn't know anyone else did this until about 1970 when Jon and I began corresponding. You mean there are OTHER folks who collect these? Cool!

A small group of us used to exchange what we called "sampler" tapes, which featured the best of our new acquisitions in montage form. Jon Wolfert, Ken Justiss, Ron Harris and a few other crazies were the best at assembling these. I began putting together my own "mix tapes," and had great fun with it.

Jingle collectors Ken Deutsch and Ken Justiss (June 1972)

In 1980 I lucked into an unusual purchase. I won't go into the details here because the story is told in my various books, but suffice it to say I ended up with over 3000 reels of primo PAMS jingles from the company itself, including the instrumental (backing) tracks.

Since that time I have continued to put together these "samplers," for my own amusement and for the amusement of a few friends. Now, through this wacky thing called the Internet, I am able to share them with a wider audience. I do not sell these samplers; they are free to all who wish to enjoy them with me.

In the early 2000s I wrote four books, three of which were about radio and jingles. These are all coincidentally available through JingleSamplers.com right here.

After I wrote these books I began to get requests from friends around the world to help them edit their own books! Who knew that so many people were writing books!

Because I have written over 300 magazine articles, four of my own books and several books for other people, I decided to make it known that I'm available as an editor and graphic designer for those who need a little help with their writing projects. If I can be of assistance to you in this area, here's my contact information:


Formerly known as "Ken R."
Former radio "personality"
Former TV director
Former jingle magnate
Current writer and advocate for the hearing-impaired

Ken R Jingle CD List
[PDF format]
This list is presented for historical and references purposes. Ken is no longer selling these discs.

Engineer PAMS Bruce Collier at the console working a jingle session in 1970. Pat Appleson, who was visiting PAMS to supervise the recording of his station's jingles, remembers: "For a console not located in NY or LA, this had a LOT of knobs on it. As I recall it was a Telefunken with four busses. At the time these were branded with the Neumann Logo & sold in the USA by Gotham Audio. Lots of EQ was available and Bruce the Engineer told me that he usually put just two or three db at 3.6k on the vocal mikes. I think the reverb was an EMT 140 plate, it sounded full, sweet. The round buttons on the bottom were PFL's that he used as solos on the vocals. In the photo above he's checking three vocal mikes at once to hear if they all start singing at the same time. The full chain was a tube Neumann U-47 on the girls & a tube Telefunken U-47 on the guys. I don't know if that was for any special sonic reason or they just happened to have one of each. Then for the bass singer [Jim Clancy] in the corner of the room, a RCA 77-DX in mint condition. Man this guy had a deep voice! All mikes ran directly into the console and hit a transformer and then transistor electronics. [I may be incorrect about the solid state, but I don't recall the console heating up.] Then the signal went to the tape deck, and on repro, back thru the console into McIntosh Laboratories MC-275's. These of course were huge 75 watt amps that drove four Altec Model 604 coaxial drivers in stock enclosures above the studio window and approx. five feet from your ears. Warm full sound. No problem!"

1970 Pat Appleson Studios, Inc. All Rights Reserved, Used by Permission.


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Jim Clancy at a 1970 PAMS vocal session. 1970 Pat Appleson Studios, Inc. All Rights Reserved, Used by Permission.



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